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Stacks Ecosystem Q1 Recap: Bridges, Women of Bitcoin, Birth of the Bitcoin Odyssey

Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation
Growing up, all I wanted to do was tell stories of people doing things that pushed the boundaries of what was considered conventional. In the crypto world, there is no shortage of these kinds of stories. Within the Stacks ecosystem, we have so many builders blazing their own trails in order to build a better internet (no easy feat).
From Satoshibles building the first NFT bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin, to the birth of the Bitcoin Odyssey Fund with Okcoin, we have seen what is possible when builders have the right resources at their disposal.
This past quarter, we also celebrated International Women’s Day and saw female founders establish new use cases for IVF, bring on star talent to support their projects, and host virtual NFT gallery openings.
In this newsletter, you’ll get a recap of some of the major happenings in the Stacks ecosystem. As the Stacks blockchain turned 1 year old this year, it is amazing to see how far teams have come in such little time.
Always be building,
Caitlin Eckvahl and the Stacks Foundation Team
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Below you’ll find highlighted news and highlights from the first quarter of 2022 sorted by theme.
📈 State of the Network
🌉 Building Bridges
👩‍💼 Ladies of Bitcoin
💰 Bitcoin Odyssey
🚀 Bitcoin DeFi
🦄 Bitcoin NFT Report
➕ Much more

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📈 State of the Network
  • Stacks was named the #1 Web 3 Project on Bitcoin
  • Stacks crossed 400K wallet addresses 
  • The network passed 1 million STX transactions
  • 200K+ NFTs minted on STX
  • Over $300m in new capital entered the ecosystem for Bitcoin builders
🌉 Building Bridges
A deeply-connected Stacks ecosystem starts with building bridges between other chains and in Q1, two teams worked to connect Stacks with more than 20 new chains including Ethereum, Solana, Near, and Celo.
Allbridge to become the first token bridge for the Stacks token
Satoshibles Is First NFT Collection to Bridge Between Ethereum and Bitcoin via Stacks - Bringing Satoshi Home
Stacks Bridge
The bridge is now open for any @satoshibles fast pass holders! We will soon be opening to any Satoshibles holder.

Join the discord to find out more:

#Bitcoin #NFTs #NFTCommmunity
< 24 hrs ago, something historic happened on @Stacks

A @satoshibles NFT was bridged from Ethereum to Stacks via @stacksbridge, and then sold on @byzantion_xyz. This NFT collection lives on *both* Eth and Stacks. This is HUGE!

But how does it work? A 🧵
Orbit Chain Integrates Stacks To Welcome Bitcoin To The Growing $80B DeFi Economy
👩‍💼 Ladies of Bitcoin
Who run the world? 🌎 In Q1, we celebrated International Women’s Day with HeyLayer’s metaverse gallery and recognized many of the women who make up the Stacks ecosystem, along with some new artists minting their first works on Stacks. Female founders across the ecosystem made celebrated their achievements in the world of fashion, healthcare, and entertainment, making the Stacks ecosystem a more vibrant and inclusive environment.
Thank you for attending @HeyLayer and @StacksOrg’s yesterday’s celebration of #InternationalWomensDay in! You can shop all #NFTs from the #HerNFT collection at HeyLayer will donate 100% of our portion of proceeds to Ukraine 🇺🇦
Zazu design
My #NFT for @HeyLayer's #HerNFT auction to celebrate International Women's Day❤️ With 36 female artists around the world to channel the female perspective💫

Available to purchase on

The Four-Dimensional Woman
Bitcoin-based tracking platform Eggschain partners with Boston IVF
Lindsay Lohan offering ‘experiential NFTs’ on Superfandom
💰 Bitcoin Odyssey: Fueling Bitcoin Builders
One of the biggest developments to occur this quarter was the birth of the Bitcoin Odyssey, a $165M pledge led by Okcoin, the Stacks Foundation, and Stacks Ventures designed to accelerate developers and teams building on Bitcoin. The pledge brings together the top names in crypto venture capital, including more than 15 participating partners such as Digital Currency Group, Blockdream Ventures, White Star Capital, and more.
OKCoin and Stacks Pledge $165M to Lead the Bitcoin 'Renaissance'
OKCoin and Stacks Pledge $165M to Lead the Bitcoin 'Renaissance'
Okcoin, Stacks Launch $165M Pledge to Support Bitcoin-Related Projects
We’re partnering with the @StacksStartups, @StacksOrg, & venture capital partners to form the Bitcoin Odyssey, a $165 million pledge to support the development of decentralized apps on #Bitcoin & @Stacks.

Let's make 2022 the year of Bitcoin #DeFi. 🚀
Muneeb Ali’s Trust Machines Raises $150M
🚀 Bitcoin DeFi
ALEX Launches Mainnet on Stacks
Full Service Bitcoin DeFi Platform, ALEX Launches Mainnet on Stacks
🦄 Bitcoin NFT Report
Pitching New NFT Projects on Stacks – The Mintery
Pitching New NFT Projects on Stacks – The Mintery
Megapont announces $MEGA
Satoshibles x Built with Bitcoin
We are really proud to announce that you can now mint @BuiltWithNFT on @stacks with STX or #BTC!

100% of every #NFT minted goes to @builtwithbtc to build schools and communities around the world 🌍

Mint here now: 🙏

NFTs for social good 🙌🏼
Bitcoin Monkeys announced $BANANA Staking
Bitcoin Monkeys
🔥🔥 70%+ of all Monkeys staked! 🔥🔥

First Staking built on @Stacks to earn $BANANA token! 🍌

Show us your staked Monkeys and $BANANA earned so far! 🐒🐒

Come join us in the jungle whilst BANANAs are still plentiful @muneeb ♥️

#Bitcoin #NFTCommunity #Stacks #NFT
New NFT Projects Come to Stacks
Welcome Tiger Force 🐯 and Punks Army 💪! Both teams recently migrated from Solana over to Stacks, making for a more vibrant NFT community for the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Tiger Force 🐯| Jungleverse
Hello Tigers! I hope you are all doing good! We have something important to share with you!

As you already know, our vision is to create a metaverse based on our comic. It was originally planned that we would launch this project on Solana due to the low transaction fees💯
Punks Army 🇺🇦 🏳️‍🌈
Punks-Army-Upgrade-NFTs upcoming drop 🔥

225 new Hands will be added in the collection and they will be available for everyone at the astonishing price of 15 $STX!
That's the price to unleash the power of your Punk and make it super rare

Below some examples of upgraded Punks 👀
STXNFT Releases New Features (prev
Guess what⁉️

You can now create a custom profile on STXNFT!

What does that mean? Set a description, website, and Twitter handle. And of course, select an owned NFT as your profile picture!

We want to see your profile — share a link to yours below and we'll feature our favs!
Stacks Infrastructure and Ecosystem Initiatives
Should The Grants Program Become a DAO?
Introducing the Grants Ambassador Program
Celebrating Stacks Chapters Across the World
Developer Resources: So, you need a Clarity smart contract audit...
New Listings & Integrations
STX Now on Coinbase, CoinList, and Binance 🥳
⭐️ $STX listed on @coinbase
⭐️ $STX listed on @CoinList
⭐️ $STX stacking on @binance

So much has already been achieved in 2022 ❤️

📺 Check out our latest video 📺
Stacking is Live on Binance: Bitcoin Yield on the World's Largest Exchange
MoonPay x Stacks
Unbanked Announces Support for Stacks' STX Token
Thanks for Coming to Bitcoin Unleashed 🌴☀️ 💜
To celebrate all that has been achieved within the first few months of the year, the global Stacks community gathered in Miami for Bitcoin Unleashed and Bitcoin 2022. Folks came in from all around the world and it was amazing to see the community IRL. Stay tuned for the next Stacks event!
Photo Gallery | Bitcoin Unleashed | April 5 - April 6, 2022
CoinMarketRecap: Live in Miami! What is Stacks? What are CityCoins? Bitcoin 2022 predictions.
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