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Paycoin Announces Stacks Integration, Chainlink and Algorand Invest In The Ecosystem

Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation
It’s almost June and these newsletters can’t come too soon - you all are working on so many exciting things they seem to get more packed every week. Before you read through the glut of good stuff, I’d like to quickly share a few things on the horizon.
First, you can expect a big quarterly update at the beginning of July ala previous editions. The last edition, published in March, included most of Q1, so we’ll wait for the end of Q2 to compile. To tide you over in the meantime, we’ll be publishing an update covering the latest Stacks Foundation board meeting which will be paired with a piece outlining how and why we work on what we do, as well as our operating principles as an organization.
In other things to look forward to, we’re hard at work on a trinity of Clarity resources. We’re collaborating with Hiro and other ecosystem folks to create a Clarity developer course with tutorials and delightful tooling, a portal for discovering ready-to-use audited contracts, and will be announcing a bench of agencies and developers we’re training to be preferred Clarity development and auditing resources.
There will be more than a few Stackers at Bitcoin Miami (yes really, IRL!), including folks from our team, the Stacks Accelerator, Hiro, Freehold, and more. Join the Discord and don’t miss out on the serendipity.
Last but not least, there are several open full-time positions across the ecosystem, including at the Stacks Foundation. Check them out or message me if you have any questions.
Have a great weekend!
Mitchell Cuevas, Head of Growth at the Stacks Foundation

Featured Stories
First Stablecoin on Stacks to Launch Testnet
Arkadiko, the first crypto-collateralized stablecoin and non-custodial lending/borrowing protocol on Stacks, has announced that their testnet will be launching as early as June 16th, with their mainnet set to go live around September. Arkadiko is a Stacks Grant recipient.
Arkadiko Protocol
1/6 Hello from Arkadiko! We're excited to announce that we've been building a crypto-collateralised stablecoin and a non-custodial borrowing/lending protocol on the @stacks blockchain, on top of #Bitcoin.
Chainlink - Official Channel
We’re excited to award a grant to @StacksOrg to support the @Stacks Accelerator. This grant will help fuel the growing ecosystem of devs who are using Stacks to build hybrid smart contracts on #Bitcoin that leverage #Chainlink’s secure off-chain services.
Quick Hits
  • $STX Listed on 7b and Bitexen Exchanges
  • OKEx Continues Double BTC Stacking Rewards [Read more]
  • Hiro files final SEC Report [Find out more]
  • Technology development company TinTash was Awarded a Grant to Integrate Chainlink Oracles into Stacks [Learn more]
  • Latest version of Clarinet, a tool for testing Clarity smart contracts, has been released [Try 0.9.0]
Stacks Builders
  • PlanBetter Pool Locked 3M STX for 1400+ Stackers In the Latest Stacking Cycle [Stack with them]
  • Friedget Pool crosses 10M locked for Stacking and launched a new member’s area.
  • Swapr, the trustless, decentralized token exchange powered by Stacks and Clarity, is launching soon. [Stay updated]
  • Pravica Launches WISE Identity Management App [Try WISE]
  • Hiro hosted an internal hackathon resulting in projects from DEXs to a reactive client library for the Stacks blockchain. [All projects]
Stacks: Must Read
There's Nowhere To Hide With Clarity
Community Sessions and Event Recordings
Stacker Chats | Q&A with Muneeb Ali & Gina Abrams | Ep. 4
Stacker Chats | Q&A with Muneeb Ali & Gina Abrams | Ep. 4
Stacks Accelerator
Trevor Owens Writes Code
This is one of the reasons we got so many great companies to apply to Stacks Accelerator
Stacks Foundation
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Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation @stacks

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