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Bitcoin Unleashed: Q3 2021 In The Stacks Ecosystem

Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation
“Dreams make good stories, but everything important happens when we’re awake.” – Duncan Idaho, Dune
A better internet on Bitcoin has long been the shared dream of the Stacks community. This quarter, though, saw its manifestations truly awaken.
As if you can’t tell by the quote, I’m pretty excited for Dune. In some ways, Dune’s spice is a good comparison for Bitcoin. Beyond its obvious use as a currency, it is a scarce resource that requires great effort to mine. Attempts to replace or replicate it are never satisfactory, it enables both thought and function not possible without it, and it is something still not yet fully understood, but which clearly influences the world around it in a major way.
And yes, it even enables space travel (way beyond the moon, too).
Herein lies the lesson from Dune: They embraced spice. They found ways to enhance and unleash it to serve everything from their health to their technology. This is what the Stacks community has been doing for Bitcoin since Stacks 2.0 launched.
In a little over 9 months, we’ve seen things done that have never been done on Bitcoin before. From NFTs that earn a BTC yield, to decentralized loans that repay themselves, Stacks and its builders have begun to unleash the full potential of Bitcoin.
Stackers, we’re not just welcoming this evolution but driving it. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. For the rest of you, don’t worry, we’ll be here when you wake up.
Stay spicy,
Mitchell Cuevas and the Stacks Foundation Team
Below you’ll find highlighted news and content from the past quarter sorted by theme. Contains heavy doses of the following:
🚀 Bitcoin DeFi blooms as Bitcoin moons
💸 Stacking strides through $1 Billion TVL
🦄 Bitcoin NFTs arrive and thrive
🔥 STX is storming up social and market charts
⭐ Stacks Accelerator teams star for Stacks
➕ Much more
You can also browse the archive for more detailed updates from previous bi-weekly editions published throughout the quarter.

Join next week’s Stacks Town Hall for a recap of Q3 + what to look forward to in Q4. We’ll also be giving away special edition NFTs to a few town hall attendees. ➡ Register now
🚀 Bitcoin DeFi
Meltem Demir◎rs
1/ proud to back @ArkadikoFinance via a strategic investment from @CoinSharesCo

we are excited to build, buy, and partner with projects in the @Stacks ecosystem
Miami Coin Marches Toward $20M
Continued excitement and mining, along with the recent surge in Stacks price has the Miami wallet stuffed with funds ready for the city to put to good use.
MiamiCoin City Wallet
The current Miami City Wallet balance is valued at $19,849,062.19 (8,620,931.32 STX):
60 Hours into our TestNet, Update👇

🚀 A Total of 1281 invite codes sent since our TestNet launch on Oct 10, 8PM EDT
🚀 A Total of 594 testers completed
🚀 1.3% fail rate on faucet
🚀 300 new codes were sent out an hour ago.

Complete for Invite Code
Brink and the Stacks Foundation Are Supporting Bitcoin Core Development With $BTC Yield
Dan Held
If you're interested in Bitcoin DeFi, check out my two new articles on the topic:

Intro to Bitcoin DeFI:
Introduction to @Stacks (A Bitcoin DeFi protocol):
Pomp 🌪
DeFI Pulse doesn’t list bitcoin DeFi projects like @SovrynBTC or @Stacks.

One would be in top 15 of TVL list and the other would be top 25.

Why are they not included? 🤔
Earn BTC While Shopping With GoSats
GoSats 🌋 - The Bitcoin Rewards App
🥁 Hola! 🥁
Our biggest update yet is now live, the GoSats bitcoin chrome extension!

Now you can stack free #bitcoin  for shopping by installing the Chrome extension.
Download the extension here:

Watch the demo 👇
💸 Stacking strides through $1 Billion TVL
🦄 Bitcoin NFTs
The Big Bitcoin NFT Edition
Bitcoin NFTs Are Emerging on Stacks. Can They Thrive?
Satoshibles NFT
We are really happy to announce that we are bringing Satoshibles NFT to Bitcoin via @Stacks 💪

This is going to be a first in the NFT space! 🚀

Find out more here:

#NFT #Bitcoin #BTC #nftcollector
Stacks Punks
Rare Sense’s NFT platform Superfandom set to be “OpenSea for fan engagement”
The Boom team launched Boomboxes, a novel type of NFT that offers rewards via Stacking. Boomboxes are transferable and allow owners to redeem a percentage of Stacking rewards at any time. In just a quarter, they crossed over $1M Stacked all-time.
We've crossed $1 million in Boombox stacked value (all-time)! Many thanks to each and every one of you joining us on this ride!
NFTs on Bitcoin & Venture Capital Investing in NFT Projects with Trevor Owens
NFTs on Bitcoin & Venture Capital Investing in NFT Projects with Trevor Owens
⭐Stacks Accelerator Stars
Meltem Demir◎rs
excited to see all of the projects building on #bitcoin - invested in one @Stacks ecosystem project already 👀 and looking for more!
Justin Roberti
watching Stacks Accelerator #NFT day. instead of sleeping #upallnight #blockchain
300+ in the room for Bitcoin startups demo day by @StacksStartups.

25 new startups presenting over two days: Bitcoin DeFi & NFTs on Bitcoin.

I’m fired up for unleashing the full potential of the Bitcoin economy.
Combining the power of Stacks with AI, the Blocksurvey team continues to innovate on the world of privacy-first forms. GPT-3 surveys enable users to generate relevant survey questions fast.

GPT-3 Surveys by BlockSurvey: Generate questions for surveys in seconds by @wlsnbr
💰 STX Cryptocurrency
October 10, 2021


Lunarcrush Altrank is a unique measurement that combines altcoin price performance relative to Bitcoin and other social activity indicators across the entire crypto market.
Coinbase Custody Adds STX Support
Coinbase Institutional
Coinbase Custody now supports deposits and withdrawals for Stacks $STX. Details here →
Brittany Laughlin on Coindesk TV To Chat Coinbase Prime
Native Bitcoin swaps are now live!

Why is this a big deal? Tweet thread👇
India’s Largest Exchange Lists STX
WazirX: India Ka Bitcoin Exchange
Stacks (STX) on WazirX ⚡️

You can now buy, sell, trade STX in our USDT market.

But wait, there's more!

👉 STX/INR is coming soon
👉 Watch this space for more exciting news about @Stacks
and WazirX collaboration!

Stay tuned 🙌
We're super-excited to announce today that Wrapped Bitcoin will soon be launching on @Stacks. 🚀 🌕
📊 New Stacks Data Portals
Stacks Mining Monitor New Stacking Overview Page
fungible thomas
🥞 stacking club update 🥞

Very excited to announce a new page on, an overview page for all stacking cycles! This new page gives you insight into trends and metrics across all cycles.

Explore all stacking cycles here ->
⛓️ Stacks Technology
The Next Era In Scaling Stacks
What To Expect For Stacks 2.1, The Next Major Stacks Network Upgrade
jude.btc -- Democracy Extremist
At long last, appchains are live on the Stacks testnet! They represent one of a few promising scalability solutions for the Stacks blockchain.

My write-up describing appchains:

Live mining contract:
Clarity Universe Expands
Hiro Systems
Tutorials and Microblocks and Documentation, oh my! 🦁🐯🐻

Take a look at what we'll be jamming on the next few months. Can't wait for you all to see wallet design updates, microblock UX, loads of new docs, and fresh content on the blog & Youtube.
🤝 Stacks Integrations and Partnerships
Orbit Chain Integrates Stacks To Welcome Bitcoin To The Growing $80B DeFi Economy
‘Acorns for Crypto’: Round up into BTC, Stacking
Round up your spare change with RoundlyX to build a Stacks position. With Okcoin and RoundlyX, you can easily dollar cost average into Stacks and then earn BTC rewards on your holdings!
RoundlyX 🔁
Have you tried #DeFi on #Bitcoin? That's @Stacks!

You can round up your everyday purchases into $STX with and @Okcoin!

Dollar-cost averaging with interest doesn't get better than that.
Popular South Korean Wallet D'CENT Adds Stacks Support, Offers Biometric Hardware and iOS & Android Options
❤️ Community & Ecosystem Expansion
Stacks Map illustrates a rapidly growing ecosystem
🧵1/ Creating a thread to document the growth of @Stacks Ecosystem, with quarterly Ecosystem Map updates!

Stacks 2.0 went live on Jan’21

1st Sept 2021 - Stacks Ecosystem Map v1
📝 Can't Miss Content
Stacker Chats | Q&A with Muneeb Ali & Gina Abrams | Ep. 11
Stacker Chats | Q&A with Muneeb Ali & Gina Abrams | Ep. 11
Stacker Chats: Talking Bitcoin DeFi and @jack
On the latest edition of ‘Stacker Chats’ Gina & Muneeb talk cross-chain Bitcoin transactions on Stacks and Jack Dorsey’s new Bitcoin DeFi project.
Philip De Smedt on Loans That Repay Themselves — Stacker Chats Recap and Transcript
[UDC 2021] Stacks enables Bitcoin with smart contracts: Muneeb Ali, co-founder and CEO of Stacks and Hiro, spoke during the second day of UDC 2021, a blockchain conference hosted by Dunamu (the company that operates the Upbit exchange).Stacks is an…
A small note about these updates: Every quarter the team and I greatly enjoy compiling these, yet each quarter the attempts to be comprehensive become more futile. We’ve opted to simplify and highlight, but if we’ve left out something important to you, please reply and we can add it.
Disclaimer: The information shared in this email is strictly for informational purposes. You should not take its content, opinions, and/or descriptions provided as technical advice, legal advice, financial advice, or investment advice. See full disclaimer at
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