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Bitcoin Builders Stay Bullish, Q2 Recap and Report

Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation
Hey there, here’s your sign to stop doom scrolling. Like, now. We know it’s chaotic (to put it mildly) in the world of crypto, but we think you’ve had enough of that. This newsletter is your oasis in the crypto desert, the cozy ski lodge of your crypto winter. 
As usual, we’ve captured highlights from the last quarter of building on Bitcoin. Before we jump into that, though, consider this report from The Block as further framing of the immense opportunity in front of projects focused on Bitcoin. The report, commissioned by Trust Machines, covers why Bitcoin is a stable foundation, offers a comparison of various Bitcoin layers, and outlines potential challenges and catalysts for further adoption.
In our opinion, it highlights what many in the Stacks, Lightning, and other Bitcoin-based projects have been saying all along; that Bitcoin is the foundation you want to be building on.
“You’re going to want to build your buildings on a solid footing of granite, so bitcoin is made to last forever — high integrity, very durable.” Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy
And it’s not just a one-way relationship. Layers around Bitcoin are positive for Bitcoin itself, as highlighted in the report; “Bitcoin-based protocols, which increase the networks scalability and utility, are poised to expand its use cases, broaden its user base, and create a larger ecosystem that would generate more aggregate transaction fees - a positive for the network’s economic sustainability.”
If you’re new here and are interested in how you can get started building on Bitcoin, the Stacks community is happy to be your guide. Join us on your favorite channel, come to an event, check out this developer guide, read about the tradeoffs of different Bitcoin layers, see what’s next for the network, or just hop in Discord and say hello!
Mitchell Cuevas and the Stacks Foundation Team
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🏗️ Building on Bitcoin
Trust Machines
A new Bitcoin developer ecosystem research report was just published by @theblock__ which covers:

- Why building on Bitcoin is building on a stable foundation
- Comparison and tradeoff of various Bitcoin layers
- Challenges and catalysts for adoption

Read the report here👇
Bitcoin’s bid to become the ‘one chain to rule them all’ – TechCrunch
🙌 Bitcoin + New Talent
Dan Held
@jespow 2/ I'm becoming a brand ambassador in a part-time role where I can elevate both Kraken and Bitcoin.

Looking ahead, I’m going to be spending more time building and investing in Bitcoin DeFi, starting with @trustmachinesco! 🚀
Trust Machines Hires Former Coinbase, BNY Mellon Execs - Blockworks
⚡Lightning and RSK
🚀 Bitcoin DeFi
Bitcoin Does Not Need DeFi, But DeFi Needs Bitcoin - Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin DeFi 101: The Essentials of DeFi in the Bitcoin Ecosystem
📈 Stacks Stats
Community Leader Louise Nakamoto gave us a rundown on the Stacks State of the Network. Check out the full tweet thread here.
  • STX Addresses 417K to 444,490
  • Smart Contracts 3,235 to 5,127
  • TVL 478M STX to 524M
  • BTC Rewards 1127 BTC to 1770 BTC
  • Entities 45 to 72
  • Trading Pairs 38 to 49
  • Transactions crossed 1.5M from 1M
  • Three new SIPs got approved: SIP 016 Metadata for Tokens , SIP 018 Arbitrary messages, SIP 019 Notifications for Token Metadata Updates 
Louise Nakamoto
1/ $STX Onward & Upward

Your favourite tweetstorm about @Stacks Ecosystem Growth is back

📌Let's start with Network Health (QvQ)
-STX Addresses 417K to 444,490
-Smart Contracts 3,235 to 5,127
-TVL 478M STX to 524M
-BTC Rewards 1127 BTC to 1770 BTC
-Entities 45 to 72
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🙌 Stacks Ventures Demo Days
Cohort 2 - Stacks Ventures Demo Days
CityCoins expanding services via 12 new accelerated projects
Bloomberg TV
Bitcoin has struggled in recent weeks as inflation remains elevated even with central banks in rate-hiking mode.

The tendency to trade in line with stocks means crypto traders are now closely watching economic indicators
🦄 NFTs secured by Bitcoin
The Mintery Opens Applications
Mintery: Meet the Artists
The Artists Behind the Projects –
Introducing The MultiPass | HeyLayer
Hungry Artist NFT
In the dog days of summer in a crypto winter, huge thanks to our supporters and collaborators! Another week down and 2 more to go.💥 @CryptoFlossing @stefanjanoski @laschicaspelig ponty.btc @trygamma @Themintery #stacks
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Seven tickets are coming.

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Introducing the Stacks Roadmap
An Update on Hyperchains: a Scaling Solution for Stacks
Announcing micro-stacks v1.0.0 –
Scaling Stacks Grants and Stacks Foundation Programming
EmpireDAO Opens Doors to Stacks Community
Stacks Foundation Resident's Program Q1 Update
Clarity Brand Update: Powerful, Decidable, Predictable, and now Beautiful too
Preview Ledger Support in the Hiro Wallet, Web Extension
New Listings & Integrations
MoonPay x Stacks
Unbanked Announces Support for Stacks' STX Token - Crypto Briefing
STX Integrates with Major eCommerce Platform Adds Wallet Support for STX, Allowing Holders to Buy, Sell, and Earn
STX is now live on Liquid’s JPY and USDT Market
KYVE Adds Supports for the Stacks, Enabling Access to Decentralized On-Chain Data
First-ever Stacks (STX) decentralized Perpetual Futures is live!
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Stacks Community Events: June Recap
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