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3x Stacking Rewards, Trustless Swaps, and 'rounding up' your change into STX & BTC

Stacks Foundation
Stacks Foundation
Bitcoin DeFi keeps getting easier and more rewarding. Trustless swaps made a splash last week, loans that repay themselves are close to launching, and Okcoin is celebrating their new Earn app by making it possible to earn over 30% APY on Stacks holdings, paid in bitcoin. Meanwhile, MiamiCoins (built on Stacks) have been putting the underlying Proof-of-Transfer mechanism to work to generate over $2M for the city of Miami.
It’s exciting to see the Stacks Ecosystem continue to play the leading role in enabling DeFi opportunities for Bitcoiners, including NFTs that generate Stacking rewards, training for developers in HK that want to write smart contracts for Bitcoin, and pushing forward a host of updates to developer tooling and the Stacks chain.
Have you experienced Bitcoin DeFi yet? Catch a whole section covering Bitcoin DeFi-related updates just below the ‘Featured Stories’.
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Featured Stories
MiamiCoin has just officially surpassed $2,000,000 in protocol contributions reserved for the City of Miami.

MiamiCoin is an open-source public utility that developers are building on to benefit Miami citizens and unlock civic engagement for the community.
Bitcoin DeFi
Arkadiko Protocol
All smart contracts are with our security auditor now. Launch imminent.

No one can stop DeFi on @Stacks. Self-repaying loans are coming. Brace yourselves.
‘Acorns for Stacks, Stacking’
Round up your spare change with RoundlyX to build a Stacks position. With Okcoin and RoundlyX, you can easily dollar cost average into Stacks and then earn BTC rewards on your holdings!
RoundlyX 🔁
Have you tried #DeFi on #Bitcoin? That's @Stacks!

You can round up your everyday purchases into $STX with and @Okcoin!

Dollar-cost averaging with interest doesn't get better than that.
Earn BTC While Shopping With GoSats
GoSats 🌋 - The Bitcoin Rewards App
🥁 Hola! 🥁
Our biggest update yet is now live, the GoSats bitcoin chrome extension!

Now you can stack free #bitcoin  for shopping by installing the Chrome extension.
Download the extension here:

Watch the demo 👇
For Developers
Hiro Systems
Tutorials and Microblocks and Documentation, oh my! 🦁🐯🐻

Take a look at what we'll be jamming on the next few months. Can't wait for you all to see wallet design updates, microblock UX, loads of new docs, and fresh content on the blog & Youtube.
Stacks Builders
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Stacks Foundation
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