Unleashing Bitcoin

By Stacks Foundation

A compilation of news and updates covering the many ways pioneers are building on Bitcoin and unleashing its full potential.

A compilation of news and updates covering the many ways pioneers are building on Bitcoin and unleashing its full potential.

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Stacks in August ’22: Builders Win, Stacks 2.1, Clarity, & More

SIP 016: Ratified! 🎉Thanks to Friedger Müffke and Dan Trevino, the Stacks ecosystem will benefit from smoother flow and improved standards for metadata.These SIP Authors are long-term loyal community members who also helped to create the NFT standard (SIP-009…


Bitcoin Builders Stay Bullish, Q2 Recap and Report

Community Leader Louise Nakamoto gave us a rundown on the Stacks State of the Network. Check out the full tweet thread here.STX Addresses 417K to 444,490Smart Contracts 3,235 to 5,127TVL 478M STX to 524MBTC Rewards 1127 BTC to 1770 BTCEntities 45 to 72Trading…


Stacks Ecosystem Q1 Recap: Bridges, Women of Bitcoin, Birth of the Bitcoin Odyssey

Stacks was named the #1 Web 3 Project on BitcoinStacks crossed 400K wallet addresses The network passed 1 million STX transactions200K+ NFTs minted on STXOver $300m in new capital entered the ecosystem for Bitcoin builders


Recap: Bitcoin Unleashed photos, videos, news, and more

Thanks for helping make Bitcoin Unleashed a major success. Find photos, videos, and more in this recap!


A Year of Building on Bitcoin: 2021 Stacks Ecosystem Highlights

Take a trip back in time to one year ago.. 🎂


Bitcoin Unleashed: Q3 2021 In The Stacks Ecosystem

Catch up Stacks by finding highlighted news and key content from the past quarter


The Big Bitcoin NFT Edition 🦄

NFT Innovation


DeFi on Bitcoin Charges Ahead on Stacks: Stacks AC, $MIA, Clarity Universe

On every front, the Stacks Ecosystem is pushing forward new functionality and possibility on Bitcoin.


3x Stacking Rewards, Trustless Swaps, and 'rounding up' your change into STX & BTC

The Stacks Ecosystem is opening up new possibilities on Bitcoin each and every week.


New US Listing: Blockchain.com Adds Stacks

New US Listing, More Bitcoin DeFi, and Upcoming Events From Across the Stacks Ecosystem


Clarity Universe and Bitcoin DeFi

BoomThe Boom team launched Boomboxes, a novel type of NFT that offers rewards via Stacking. Boomboxes are transferable and allow owners to redeem a percentage of Stacking rewards at any time.


Q2 Stacks Ecosystem Updates: An Era Of Innovation On Bitcoin Is Here

Take a look through the full list of Q2 highlights below— above is but a taste of the incredible work that's being done throughout the Stacks Ecosystem


Building on Bitcoin: Meet The First Stacks Accelerator Cohort

Since that magical week in Berlin when the world of Stacks and crypto was really first revealed to me, I knew someday I'd return to the other world I'd just come from: Accelerators.Having worked at Techstars and Startup Weekend up to that point, I got to witn…


Bitcoin DeFi with Injective and Stacks

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Bitcoin derivatives!Bitcoin DeFi, DeFi for Bitcoin, #BitFi, whatever you've taken to calling it, jumped into the limelight yesterday as Injective Protocol announced they’ll be integrating with Stacks to give users access to n…


MiamiCoin: A Crypto-Powered Growth Model For Cities and Citizens

'Picking up the bag' could change how cities grow while providing an exciting return for embracing crypto. CityCoins, a project led by Freehold and various entities and individuals in the Stacks Ecosystem, launches MiamiCoin ($MIA) on June 8th. The goal is to…


Paycoin Announces Stacks Integration, Chainlink and Algorand Invest In The Ecosystem

Paycoin is making STX a primary payment option at 70,000 merchants in Korea including Dominoes, KFC, and more.


Special Edition: Cara Delevingne, Fatboy Slim, and Others Come To Stacks

A new era of NFTs on Bitcoin has arrived! Our very own Risidio just launched a groundbreaking new NFT platform in partnership with legendary music industry artist, Chemical X. Called This Is Number One, the platform will bring one-of-a-kind collaborations wit…


Stacks Chapters Lead International Growth, OKEx Brings Stacking to 100 Million Users, New STX Listings

OKEx Brings Stacking To 100 Million UsersStarting with the listing in March, we've been working with OKEx to further expand access to STX. We're excited to share that we've continued building on that, with OKEx now offering a seamless Stacking experience to t…


Kicking off Q2 with a 💥: Stacks Accelerator Launch, STX reaches new ATH, $1bn TVL in Stacking

Stackers Lock Over $1bn Worth of STX in Latest Round of Stacking